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Post  Boltk9 on Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:58 am

☛ Swearing, cussing and inappropriate behavior is prohibited
☛ No fighting/bullying other players or pack members or you will get a warning, your first warning will
bring you down a rank, second warning you will become an omega, third warning you get removed from the pack
☛ All members must read, understand, and obey all the rules, if you break any rules you will get a warning
☛ If you are going to leave the pack for a long period of time please contact an alpha
☛ Members must be active on the forums and in the game, inactive members will be removed

☢Pack requirements, please read before joining!☢
All members are required to be active, if you are inactive a lot please don't join.
Members are required to be active on this site and also on the pack topic.
Your account must be at least a week old. (on the wolfquest community)
Respect higher and lower ranks than you, that means don't be mean or rude to ranks lower than yours.


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