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Post  Boltk9 on Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:26 pm

I was only but a pup, 10 weeks old and without much training. One day my father went out hunting for food
while my mother stayed behind at the den to watch us pups. We heard gunshots and my mother told us to stay at
the den while she went to see what was going on. I wanted to go with her but she said i was too young and it was

Soon after my mother left to see if my father was ok i heard more gunshots and i heard yelping and
howling in the distance. I started to get worried and started to whine, my two brothers and sister were fighting in
the den but when they heard the gunshots too so they stopped fighting and came outside to wait with me and they too
started to get worried and started whining.

Hours passed by and my parents never came back so we assumed the worst,
that they had been shot and killed by hunters. We didn't know what to do and we cried for hours. Then my brothers and
sister left and abandoned me at the den and went to join another pack and when they left they told me to stay at the
den and they didn't want me to follow them. So they just left me at the den to fend for myself.

My brothers and sister hated and despised me, because i was my parent's favorite of the litter because i was the most well behaved and obedient
pup. My brothers and sister were always fighting and my parents always had to break up the fight and they were always getting
into trouble and causing mischief but i never fought with my brothers and sister unless they started a fight with me.

So i was at the den all by myself and alone. I didn't know what to do, (i was only a pup) so i went inside the den and curled up and cried for days and i cried to myself, why me, i missed my parents so much.

Then as i was lying in the den crying, a wise lone wolf was walking by and he heard me crying.
And he went over to the den and peeked in and he asked whats wrong, little one? And i looked at him with tears dripping from my eyes and said, my father went hunting the other day and we heard gunshots so my mother went to see what was wrong and we heard more gunshots and they never came back.
My brothers and sister left me here all alone to go and find a new pack to join and they told me they didn't want me to come along or follow them.
And i told him that they hate and despise me because i'm my parent's favorite so i have been here all alone for a couple of days crying because i miss my parents.

And the wise wolf said, come now it'll be ok, my name is Takopa, lots of wolves come to me for my wisdom, whats your name little one? I said, my name is Bolt. Takopa said, Come with me, Bolt, it'll be ok, you can live with me and i will teach you how to hunt, fight, and how to survive out here. I said, Really? Ok, so i stopped crying and got up and went outside to Takopa. Takopa said, Follow me to my den. So i followed him and soon we reached his den and Takopa said,
Welcome to your new home.

So i lived with him until i was one year old, and everyday he taught me how to hunt and fight, and on my birthday when i turned
one year old, Takopa said, You are ready to be on your own, my wolf apprentice, and he asked, do you think you are ready? I said, Yes i am more than ready.
And Takopa said, Now go, be on your own and start your own pack and make your parents proud. I said, I will, goodbye Takopa, it was a great honor being your apprentice and thank you for training me. Takopa said, goodbye young master Bolt, it was a privilege training you.

So i left and said my goodbyes and traveled for days until i arrived at Slough Creek. Then i found a calm quiet place where i took a rest for a few days from the long journey. Then a few days later i searched for a new den and i found a den after a few hours of searching near Aspen Heights. I then claimed the den as my new home. Then i started a pack like i told Takopa i would and i named my pack Crystal Peak Pack after my family's name. Then lone wolves from all over the land came to me and joined my pack and my pack grew.

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